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The President of The NOW Connection, Robin Austin is
one of the most passionate and enthusiastic talents of his time.
As co founder of Fusion 5 his creative leadership gave the company a unique positioning over its competition. With the creation of "Episodic Marketing" Robin devised a marketing tool that uniquely connected the consumer passions to the brand in an ongoing and intriguing fashion. As he says "If you can't talk about it don't do it".

Robin is a true pioneer and recently has lead team efforts that include the launch of the Ford Focus, Vanilla Coke, the re-launch of the Dodge Ram truck and the restaging of Miller Lite beer. (Fusion 5 was sold to WPP in 2001)

In founding The NOW Connection Robin says "It's about a totally 'NOW empowered consumers who's behavior and adoption of new technology, shopping alternatives, information sources, plus word-of-mouth on steroids is obsolescing business models and brands all around us." He added, "Every minute the consumer is moving further away from your current business model. Brands are either NOW brands or they're not!"

Robin was born in Leeds, England and moved to the USA with Young & Rubicam over 25 years ago. After spending a total of 4 years with Y&R, Robin joined Marketing Corporation of America where he played a key role for 12 years.

Robin has used both his left and right brain to help many of these top companies grow over the years, they include: SAB Miller , the Coca Cola Company, RJR, Kraft General Foods, Nike, The FORD Motor Company, Gatorade, Procter and Gamble, Volkswagen, Daimler Chrysler, American Express, Virgin Mobile and Mattel Toys.

Robin is also the inventor of EEZ-READ, a precision level putting aid that helps read the break on the green. The EEZ-READ is distributed by Momentus Golf and endorsed by Butch Harmon. It won “Best New Product of the Year 2008” at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando.


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